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Discussions – Intravascular Ultrasound: Implication and Application overview

IVUS: implication and application

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Heart catheter examination

Important information about the heart catheter examination

For patients with a heart catheter examination, we have compiled important information about this examination.

information about the heart catheter examination
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Kardiologie Innenstadt

Our practice engages in the conduct of conferences, courses, symposia and conventions.

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The Vietnam Project

"Helping People Help Themselves"

Since 2009, we support the University of Hue in Central Vietnam in the construction of a cardiac catheterisation laboratory. The project aims to provide practical help in the conducting of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterisations. In addition the project is supported by the Germany-wide collection and delivery of necessary materials such as cardiac diagnostic and interventional catheters, balloons and stents. Further to the practical work in the cath lab, we regularly organise training courses for colleagues and students at the university and also for physicians from hospitals in the region.

presentation on the Vietnam project
Pictures of the Vietnam-project
Participants of the Vietnam Project


The discussion was moderated by Dr. Waldemar Bojara (Koblenz, Germany).
He was accompanied by the expert committee Prof. Dr. Volker Klauss
(Munich, DE), Dr. Hans-Joachim Lau (Hamburg, DE) and Prof. Dr. Helge

Dr. Tschaidse talking to a reporter

Our Pratice in the Press

26.10.2023: TZ München – Prof. Volker Klauss: Check list for a safe & successful surgery

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08.05.2023: TZ München – Prof. Volker Klauss explains how to lower elevated cholesterol levels.

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08.05.2023: Münchner Merkur – Prof. Volker Klauss explains how to lower elevated cholesterol levels.

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30.11.2022: TZ Munich – Prof. Volker Klauss: Help for Heart & Vessels; Modern Diagnostic Procedures and Therapies

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13.10.2022: TZ Munich – Prof. Volker Klauss: All about joint replacement: What top doctors advise; Checklist for safe surgery.

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18.07.2022: TZ München – Prof. Volker Klauss: Stroke often announces itself by short complaints - Caution with atrial fibrillation

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31.03.2022: TZ München - Prof. Volker Klauss on the importance of preventive examinations for cardiovascular diseases

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January 2022: TZ Munich - Professor Volker Klauss answers your questions about blood pressure and cardiac medicine.

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21.10.2021: TZ Munich – All about joint replacement: The best tips for successful surgery

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07.04.2021: TZ Munich – Professor Volker Klauss explains what is important during a heart check.

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19.11.2020: TZ Munich – Prof. Dr. Volker Klauss and Dr. Othar Tschaidse talk about therapies for a better quality of life.

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23.01.2020: Prof. Dr. Volker Klauss gives his advice as an expert on the subject of "So important is preventive medicine" at the tz Munich within the framework of the "Vorsorge" ("Prevention") theme week.

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26.06.2019: Prof. Dr. Volker Klauss in the big Medicine Special of the TZ Munich on the topic "The best medicine for your heart".

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27.02.2019: Prof. Dr. Volker Klauss discusses coronary heart disease and metabolic disorders in the tz Munich.

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18.07.2018: In tz Munich in the category "Top-Medicine for your heart" the advantages of intracoronary pressure measurement, a method that has been used by our practice in the field of invasive cardiology for many years to avoid unnecessary stent implantations to avoid, were discussed.

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16.02.2018: The cardiology practice of Dr. Tschaidse was listed in the tz Munich under the heading "Everything for your heart". The intensive care and close contact with patients were highlighted in particular.

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